Z4# A wks notice

Forgive my absence. i cannot stay put and so i visited my brother Apollo. If it wasn’t for him i couldn’t return today. Finally Sunny and fine. Its been raining a lot these days. Father is up to something..my brother wouldn’t tell me though and laugh away the question with “just getting attention i guess. Uncle Poseidon’s been popular lately”.

I’m glad to have calm my storm. Spend my days listening to Apollo’s lyre and learn to hunt with his sister Artemis. I wonder if i can be as good as an archer as her?

The second day of my visit uncle Dionysus joined our company and so red wine was served with some Ambrosia and honey. Apollo said it wasn’t much but its the food of the Gods. A little of it can go a long way and can even be a cure. Its no wonder that a simple hot cup of honey has always saved me from the doc while red wine is the only alcohol i can take. We had lively evenings after that, lots of stories.

One evening as i admire the coming back of the stars, Apollo joined me at the balcony and offered that he would answer anything i asked. So i asked how our father look like..most of us demigods want to know too..statues are like painting after all. Not all reflects reality but how the world is seen by an artist.

But as expected my brother didn’t tell me exactly..instead he said i’d seen father before..he made me recall the time when i was little and a man bought me ice cream. i don’t know where that man came from, all i could remember was time seem to stop around us. The man asked where i was going and upon knowing he told me to do my best.

Somehow i felt like i was with a father then in a blink of an eye the man disappeared. Apollo said the man was father..i stopped to remember his face but it was very long ago..why are you lost now, Apollo asked in turn..don’t you know where you are going? don’t you have hope left? When i couldn’t answer Apollo replied it is HOPE z that this world needs. HOPE.

HOPE, been thinking about it a lot. Hope is a beautiful evil thing. It gives strength to anyone who has a dream. To HOPE without believing and taking action consumes a person to his death; a death without the glory of living. The question is what is your dream? Do you know where you are going? 

What seem a week had actually been months and i would have forgotten to return if i didn’t read my cousins’ entry.  I believe everything happens for a reason and perhaps HOPE is also what father wants with Haiyan. It is sad that a lot of lives were lost in that storm but lost not your HOPE Philippines.let HOPE be your strength to continue living. As for us who are away from the danger, lets give Philippines HOPE; aid and think not only for your dream. We are brothers and sister after all and the world is our home. With this said i HOPE we will consider the idea of Boyan Slat. Its a brilliant and possible idea if we believe in it.

- Z -

“The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears or the sea.”

Isak Dinesen (via wordsfirst)

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This is oh so true.

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H#3: Problems, problems..

My apologies for not posting much. It’s hard to get a connection here in the underworld. The “line” that connects to the internet above almost always went haywire when I try to access it from here. Wireless is even more impossible to access.

Anyway, my cousin (the daughter of Poseidon) is visiting us down here. It quite amuse me watching her conjure water from her palms just so she can drink, shower, etc. I mean, we have water here.. albeit not like the sea water. Sea water stinks, in my opinion, with all those sea creatures and sea monsters swimming there.

Another reason why the sea stinks so badly now, that makes underworld smell almost like paradise, is because of people. Those “monsters” throw stinks (trash) in uncle Poseidon’s turf like throwing coins to wishing well (as if wishing well could really make their wishes come true *snorts* ..Why not wish for discipline you fools? and leave uncle Poseidon’s turf alone!). Then they swim and pee there as well. Gross!

Seriously, the problem(s)’ getting really bad that my cousin decided to take a short “holiday” here in the underworld to de-stressed. And one of her “brothers”, she said, invented this crap, I mean this contraption to clean up those stinks that poisoning their sea family and friends. Ask my cousin for details, she  knows more about it.

Enough with their probz, we here in the underworld also encountered a problem last month. One of our underworld creatures throw one of its biggest tantrums that caused devastation in certain parts in Philippines.

Our deepest regrets, apologies and condolences to all those who suffered from it. The abominable creature has already been incarcerated, and will be destroyed in due time. Father also ensured those who passed away will be send to their rightful place.

That’s all for today. The signal’s getting weaker again.

'Til the next update!

- H -

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